Love the House...

Love the House

There are many areas in JVC that run in the background to facilitate our Church experience, without those willing to be part of the body of the Church we would not be the church we are today. If you feel inspired to become part of any of the following; simply get in touch with the designated contact for the Ministry.

“For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, [you are] God’s building…”   Ephesians 5:19

  • Car park team – Albert Hanvey
  • Welcome team – Michelle Davis
  • Coffee shop – Ben Smyth
  • Cleaning team – Alice Stewart
  • Sound Team – Lewis Smyth
  • Media Team – Lewis Smyth
  • Dna – Henry McCrroy
  • Kids Church Carol Jameson/Haley Douglas
  • Worship Team Johnny Jameson Katie McCrory
  • Help’s Ministry – Lewis Smyth
  • Maintenance Team – John Moore
  • Football Fellowship – John Moore
  • Book Club – Anna McAllister
  • Synergy – Adrian Smith
  • Foodbank – Alex Moore

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