Our purpose

At JVC our purpose is to reach the lost, build the believer and establish the Church in a way that changes how the world sees God.  The Church doesn’t need a revival, it needs a renewal!  To revive something is to merely bring back to life that which already existed.  No matter how many times we revive the church it will still be a culturally bound, religious institution without answers for a dying world.  Jesus said we could not put new wine into old wineskins as it causes the loss of the new wine.

We are the CHURCH


Since the birth of the church, every revival, every move of God has been lost in a vain attempt to make it fit into the old wineskin of a church that did not embrace the teachings or the ministry model of the Lord Jesus! We aim to build the believer into the church God sees, through the message the Lord Jesus preached, grace, peace and a personal empowering relationship with God the Father.

Throughout scripture we read of God’s dealings with his people to restore them to himself, both individually, and corporately. In the New Testament the early church in Jerusalem was flooded with God’s presence and the new temple, made up of living stones, was being built together.

Tragically, over the centuries the church has suffered decline and confusion.

Our desire

is to see the body (the Church) with all its members functioning. Our desire is to see God’s people built on New Testament principles, where the word of God is honoured and there is an openness to the work of the Holy Spirit. The message of grace and peace introduces people to the finished work of Jesus, and brings them to the revelation that God has made peace with man through the cross of Christ, there is no need to be afraid of God. In the absence of fear, every healthy human emotion grows and flourishes.

Our hope

is that people hear, believe and feel the limitless love of God. That they will be empowered to the quality of life God intended! That they will experience the love and acceptance of the Creator, that will cause a quantum leap in their confidence.

Since faith works by love, that love experienced will cause the believer to radiate faith in every situation.

It brings all the promises of God within the grasp of every believer (2 Cor 1:20). It gives freedom from all the curse of the law (Gal 3:13), It ends the religious struggle to earn righteousness (Rom 3:21-22)